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The growing economies of India and China brought in a huge surge in the demand for technical and management professionals in these countries. The imbalance between the demand and supply of these professionals motivated a few educational groups to ramp up their capacities and open new campuses.

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Some of these Institutes started their Distance Education wing with an intention to impart the training to the students without creating a physical infrastructure. The students were offered the flexibility to learn, but the lack of interactivity made learning a boring exercise!

Indian Management Institute – IMI, in association with MS University, heralds a new era of Online education to bridge this gap. The birth of IMI is the harbinger of inclusive growth in the field of Technical & Management education in India. IMI’s NextGeneration Portal (NGP), with its vast reservoir of study material, digital content and knowledge base, is certainly a hallmark in the field of Technical and Management education. Using the NGP, students will be able to participate in the courses at their own convenience.

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Online Education brought in several benefits to the distance education by ensuring interactivity, being able to see and hear the lectures (instead of just self reading), being able to get the lectures of the best of the faculties from across the globe, a dynamic library of content which keeps being updated regularly. Through its Next Generation Portal, IMI has revolutionized the concept of distance education and has brought in a way to introduce quality in distance education.

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