Online Learning: A Paradigm Shift in the World of Education

UntitledWith the augmentation of technology we have come a long way, from a Gurukul system to Smart Classrooms and now it is Online Education, where there is no need of a brick and mortar class room. Information Technology is not only becoming a part of our entertainment or work life, it has also become a very integral part of our education system. Today people are looking for a flexible study pattern wherein they can work and study simultaneously.

Keeping in mind the busy life schedule and the requirement of the time, many Institutes and Universities have developed the concept of Online Learning.

Today the spectrum of Online Learning is increasing and getting vast. Not only Bachelor’s Degree but also Masters Degrees are offered as Online Courses. Online education provides opportunities to those who are having limited access to education or training. And not only that, Online education has lot of other benefits as well.

Flexible Study Time:

The access to the online content can be done at anytime and anywhere. Parents, working professions, working students now can study on the go. The requisite would be any device having internet access to access the online content.

Control on the study time duration:

In a regular full time institute, classes have rigid schedules. The lecture duration may be long for certain subjects and short for certain, but in online education a person can pause the lecture at any time and then can view the rest later as per his or her comfort.

Chat Session with faculty:

Institutes not only provide online content but also a service where the student can chat with the faculty online. The student can anytime have a one to one conversation with the faculty in relation to their doubts.

Financial Saving:

There is no need to invest in a text book for any subject as all the study material (textual notes, power point presentations, audio and video lectures, e-books, etc.) is provided online by the Institute/University. Parents can study at home with their children around, which will save the cost of a day care. The enrollment for an online course is much more easy and cost effective than an on campus course.

Blend of different learning aids:

Online content can be in form of word, Ppt, animated visuals, videos, podcast etc. A video lecture accompanied with a relevant Ppt can help the student to understand the concept better.


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